During these challenging times and our own personal struggles to adapt, we find that losing sight of ourselves can easily happen

*Please note that coaching is not a replacement for or a form of therapy. If you are experiencing severe signs of hopelessness, depression, or thoughts of harming yourself - please reach out to a licensed, professional mental health professional immediately. 


Did you do something today that you can honestly say was truly ‘you time’? Did you celebrate yourself in some way today? 


Amberly believes that true self-care is the foundation for all aspects of life. During these challenging times and our own personal struggles to adapt, we find that losing sight of ourselves as a priority can easily happen. Self-care is not a one size fits all, it is not selfish, and it is not as cliche as taking a bubble bath. 

Self-care is as important and individual as you are! 

Did you know that effective self-care is an integral part of reducing stress and maintaining personal balance? It will lower your risk of illness and increase your energy. 


Self-care is necessary in many areas of your life such as:

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Personal
  • Home Environment
  • Professional/Occupational


There are so many layers in self-care and it continually unfolds over time. Yet, it is the one area we tend to dismiss and postpone for another time. But what would happen if you stopped and thought about how balance in these areas would feel…? If you took just 15 minutes a day to truly connect with yourself, if you created a new practice that filled your soul, created a healthy habit that is committed to muscle memory so it is a part of who you are every day. 


What does that empowerment look like for you? 

Take a deep breath…imagine how that would feel…


The journey to individual self-care is a personal one that requires commitment and an understanding of the steps within the process. Together we will dive deeper into what that is and explore how achievable it is for you!

Compassion Fatigue

In the almost 10 years Amberly worked in the world of animal welfare she knows first hand that the battle with compassion fatigue is very real. And can impact anyone in a care taking role. For many, this battle is one they struggle with alone and they neglect taking care of their best resource - themselves. By working to prevent compassion fatigue you are not only looking out for yourself, you are bringing back much needed strength that will greatly improve the work you are passionately doing! 


Can you relate to feeling that self-care is selfish? Maybe you have a lack of strong personal boundaries? Have you ever felt you have an overdeveloped sense of responsibility? These are all common in people working in areas where we give too much of ourselves to the work we do. This will lead to compassion fatigue which when not prevented can worsen over time and progress into burnout. 


Some common factors of compassion fatigue are: 

  • Insomnia or poor sleep
  • Negative self talk or self-doubt
  • Inability to enjoy activities you previously liked
  • Isolation from friends, family or coworkers
  • Low energy 


What is important for you to know is that compassion fatigue is a normal human response commonly seen in empathetic people. And it is a temporary state that with recognizing it, can be shifted out of. Having worked in the world of animal welfare, Amberly knows first hand the struggles you can face with putting your own self care needs aside, the need to define boundaries and the intense dedication that keeps you going in this work. Amberly will help you identify healthy goals that you can achieve and maintain, providing balance in this incredible work you do for the animals and caring for your most precious self.

Emotional Intelligence

Do you recall those times when you did not know how to move on from a mistake? 


Are you confident with how you accept criticism and responsibility? 


Can you say no when you need to? 


Working with Amberly in defining and understanding your emotional intelligence will take you on a deeper dive into how you handle these scenarios in life. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions, along with recognizing, understanding and influencing the emotions of others. Working together, Amberly will support you in identifying what triggers a negative emotional response in situations such as:

  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Dealing with challenging relationships
  • Not enough resources


Understanding your personal level of emotional intelligence can help improve many areas of your life such as: 

  • Being present and focused
  • Operating with integrity 
  • Self-awareness of feelings
  • Self-motivation
  • Well placed boundaries
  • Self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses


Creating a strong self-care practice combined with strong emotional intelligence is critical to living your best life! I would love nothing more than supporting you on your journey getting there!

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