I am convinced that within every person there is a beautiful part that is just waiting to emerge to the world. For some, they have been fortunate enough to have allowed that part of their true self to come to the surface. But for most of us, we need some encouragement, some support. We need something that speaks to how individual we are. The feeling that someone believes in you and more importantly encourages your belief in yourself, can be life changing. After many years of supporting people through intuitive work and the pure joy I feel when I see someone realize that they are strong enough to make change happen, I decided this was the work I was meant to do. This drove me to pursue coaching certifications in Self-Care, Emotional Intelligence, and Compassion Fatigue. I combine these with my years of experience working with people in program development and management in both corporate and animal welfare. I have always motivated those around me to step up and succeed using their strengths, now as a coach, I am able to offer that to people in every aspect of their lives.  

I worked in animal welfare for close to 10 years, leaving due to my own struggles with compassion fatigue. What I had realized though was this was brought on by many factors - the people, the environment and how I responded to situations. Not just animal welfare, the social interactions of life or any work environment can be challenging and along the way many of us begin to close up who we are in order to function within the group around us. This leads to feelings of not being ourselves, which can roll into our daily life. Soon we are finding how much we have lost sight of what matters most - “ME”. So I left that world behind and during my own healing I started taking a deeper dive into what self-care really means to each person. As I started walking this path more, I started identifying the importance of solid self-care and strong emotional intelligence. I now work with people from all over the country with all types of backgrounds and professions with one thing in common - rediscovering who they are, how to empower that person and never let go again! 

I am truly excited for the opportunity to meet and work with you!


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